Now that our lives are falling back into their familiar patterns, we’ve got together and are releasing our tentative schedule for filming our next three battle reports. We’re looking at filming roughly one game a week for the next three weeks (starting on 25 Nov). PFunk, our resident supreme editor in chief will release the final product to Youtube within a few days of getting the footage. Here’s our filming schedule and the armies we’re putting head to head:

Game 1 will be Nick vs Bill – Grey Knights vs Imperial Knights

Game 2 will be Nathaniel vs Nick – Tau vs Adeptus Mechanicus

Game 3 will be Bill vs Nathaniel – Dark Angels vs Necrons

So far, these battle reports will all be 2000 point matched play games. Just before filming each session, we’ll be randomly selecting the games and map types from the BRB and 2017 Chapter Approved book.

These games are still subject to change based on the usual considerations like last minute schedule changes and the like. But we’re feeling pretty good about the dates and armies. PFunk is also almost ready to begin filming his own games in the near future! So if you love watching Orks do their thing or you happen to have a nostalgic love for old Vostroyan models, keep checking back with us! Because those games are just around the corner!

What kind of 40k games would you like to see more of? what are your favorite factions or game types? Let us know and we’ll work on it!

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