Its been a long couple of months for our team! Collectively we’ve worked a boring six week working trip in Alabama, survived a HUGE hurricane, had some massive success at Armies on Parade, and one of our teammates welcomed a new child (and a probable future tau player) into the world. With our attention focused all over the place, we’ve let development of our site here fall a bit short on our list of priorities. But now things have smoothed themselves out and we’re hopeful to begin putting regular content out there for consumption ASAP! Having said that, We’d be lying if we said we hadn’t made some attempts to put our shenanigans out there for the world. So here’s a quick recap of what we’ve been up to:

We had our third batrep filmed in Panama City, Florida just a week before the hurricane rolled through and demolished everything. Unfortunately, we had some major issues with the lighting and sound and were unable to publish it to youtube.  It was Bill’s (me) Dark Angels with a Knight detachment vs The Stache’s Nova Marines featuring Rowboat Girlyman. It was a fantastic game with Roboute carrying the day in the end. Screenshot (3).png

The Stache and I had also attended the “Come the Apocalypse” GT in Dothan, Al in September where my Dark Angel/Knight list placed a middling 18th. We played against some tough opponents, but each of them were great sports and while they brought some brutal lists, they were all great guys to play against.

40K gt 3.jpg40k GT 1.jpg

Nate and Rebecca, the warhammer power couple of the 40th millennium dominated their local shop’s Armies on Parade. Their Deathwatch/Inquisition set up  titled “Hunting Cypher” earned them “Best Scene,” “Best Theme,” and they walked out placing 2nd overall.

nate and rebecca 2.jpg


In terms of youtubery we’re advancing on two fronts. We’ve got three more batreps that are on the schedule so, omnissiah willing, our equipment and time works out and we’ll get things uploaded to youtube quickly and efficiently. Lastly, some of us are working on some home studio space to do some how-to videos as well as just discussing the hobby in general.


So stay tuned, everyone! We’re back at it and making ourselves known! As always, thank you for your support!!!

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