Wild Bill here! As some people may already know. I’ve recently made the move from North Dakota to Montgomery, Alabama and after scouting the place out for a little over a month, I love what I see. This part of the country is veritable gold mine of 40k enthusiasts and the competitive scene here looks large and healthy…Well, at least in comparison to the more sparsely populated North Dakota where all the action was happening in places like Grand Forks (hours away from where I lived at the time).  Down here in the Yellowhammer State there are no shortages of RTTs and GTs to participate in. In fact, there is even an “ITC State Series” here with a pretty great rate of participation. Not only that, but with Atlanta only being a two hour drive away, there is an excellent possibility for Explodes on Six to be making an appearance at its first Major: The Atlanta Open

With all this in mind, this puts Ol’ Bill in a great position to not only play in a couple tournaments but compete in the ITC season! That’s a minimum of SIX events until LVO happens in January 2021! I’m already off to a strong start when it comes to participation. I participated in the Visions RTT that happened in mid-February, only a week after driving into town. Keyword being “participation” here, as my Dark Angel list was soundly spanked placing me 11th out of 12 players, leaving the day with only 46 points to my overall ITC score. But I shan’t be disheartened as I intend on overcharging my plasma weapons through a plethora of great events down here! Here’s a quick rundown of the events I’m trying to attend this season:

February Visions RTT- 11th of 12, 46 points

14 March – Visions of the Grim Dark GT –

28 March – Mephiston’s March Madness (pending availability)

04 April – Geekz Haven ITC event (pending availability

25 July – Gear Gaming RTT

TBD October – Come the Apocalypse GT

TBD December – Atlanta Open (MAJOR)

Save for this weekend’s GT, none of these are set in stone for me. In fact Mephiston’s March Madness and the Geekz Haven event are both currently sold out. But there will be other events throughout the year and I’ll be updating my list regularly.

My goals for my inaugural ITC season is to be as competitive as possible among other Dark Angel players on the ITC circuit. At the time of this writing, with one event under my belt, if I were placed any lower in the rankings I’d be a tripping hazard. But that’s going to change! My other goal for this year is to have fun and give my opponents the best possible experience playing against me. I’d like to be someone in this community where people see my name on a tournament roster and get excited for a match with yours truly.

The only limiting factor towards my competitive aspirations is this COVID 19 pandemic. So let’s all pray to Nurgle for some nerdly immunity.

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