Alright, folks! We’re knee deep into the Paint & Purge army challenge. Last month our challengers put their front line soldiers on display. Challenge three was all about showing off models that could fill out the troops category in a 40k army. We saw some great entries, but here are the stand outs!

Third place: Nick’s CRAWNZ

nick's necron immortals

Nick’s desert wraith themed immortals were really popular with the team. The blue glow from the weapons and the overgrown plant life that looks like its taken over their living metal skin was a big hit!

Second place: Bill’s Genestealer squads

Bill’s use of contrast paints and the wide range of colors used for their uniforms gave his acolyte and neophyte hybrids a real rag-tag “do or die” kind of feel!

FIRST PLACE: Preston’s nurgly pox walkers

Preston’s pox walkers were the clear favorite this time around. Each model looks painstakingly done. The attention to detail afforded to each individual model really brought these guys to life and it showed in the voting process!

HONORABLE MENTION: Nate’s Crimson Fist Intercessors!

Nate was just barely nudged out of third place by Nick this time around. But the votes were close enough to where these guys deserved a special shout out. The attention to detail on the models not wearing helmets was of particular note!

After the new years holiday we will be unveiling dedicated transports and/or flyers. Keep checking in because you won’t want to miss it!


  1. Preston: 8 VPs
  2. Bill: 4 VPs
  3. Nick: 4 VPs
  4. Nate: 1 VP
  5. Nathaniel: 1 VP (OUT)

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