Thats right folks, after a semi-brief intermission we are back on track with our Paint & Purge Competition! This time we’re bringing you the meat and potatoes of any army. These are the soldiers holding the line on the field. They can be as few as a squad five highly trained space marines or as numerous as a daemon horde! So without further delay, lets see what our challengers have presented!

Challenger: Clinton Chandler



custodes troops

Here are my custodes guard.   Playing 40k since 3rd edition i always wanted to play a custodes army.   Their lore is awesome.  Back then i thought of kit bashing greay knight arms and using High Elf warriors bodies and heads.  But that was too expensive.   Ask and you shall recieve.  Emporer protects. -=][=-

Challenger: Preston “P-FUNK” Corrigan

Faction: Death Guard


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I decided to get the biggest units in the army out of the way early. Thus, I chose to do a full unit of Poxwalkers. The first three entries in this competition were painted in an effort to stretch my edge highlighting techniques. I learned a lot about edge highlighting from painting Typhus, my Malignant Plaguecaster, and my Daemon Prince of Nurgle. This time I wanted to try batch painting. I wanted to see how quickly I could paint 20 poxwalkers using a few blocked in base colors and shades for everything else. It did not go at all how I thought it would go, but I learned a lot throughout the process about how to apply shades correctly (or not) just in time for the release of the Contrast Paint system. While this first unit of 20 was painted with bases and shades, the next unit of 20 will be painted with Contrast.

Tabletop-wise I could have gone with poxwalkers or plague marines. I have decided to build my DG army in phases. Phase one is a zombie horde supported by characters meant to be a slow tidal wave of death. It will lack anti armor and board control, but it is super flavorful and will be both fun to play and horrifying to play against. Thus, the choice was easy …Poxwalkers!

Challenger: Nick “NO LUCK” Lucas

Faction: NECRONS


nick's necron immortals

Challenger: Gary “PERILS” Kuhl



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Firing from the volcanic wasteland are my Termagants of Hive Fleet Kronos (which I like to call my little dinosaurs) directed towards the enemy by the synapses of nearby Tyranid Warriors. These front-line bugs use their Fleshborer weapons to jettison borer beetles towards the adversary and protect their bigger brother back-line monsters who launch huge weapons over their heads at their opponents. Also, this was my first unit painted with Contrast paints!

Challenger: Nate Horton



Challenger: Bill “BIG BAD” Deveau

Faction: Genestealer Cult

Troops: Neophyte Hybrids and Acolytes

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The elephant in the room. I’ve briefly lost access to the camera I’ve been using for my GSC pictures So I was stuck taking these with a very low res camera on my phone. But with that out of the way, BEHOLD! These guys are dedicated to the cause of freeing themselves from the Imperium’s two armed shackles. These guerrillas don’t have matching uniforms or pristine, high tech gear. But what they lack in equipment they make up for in pure grit! Many of their faces have been covered in white paints, sacred ashes, and holy chrome to show their dedication to their Living God. These guys are the front line fighters getting their world ready for the ascension of their stellar deities (who totally aren’t going to harvest their biomass or anything).

I used contrast paints heavily for these models, and while it was great for the skin of the acolytes and the clothing of the neophytes, I found that I needed to use the classic painting system for the finer details.  I used dry brushing for the bases to give them a dirty, semi neglected look.

Not featured:

Nathaniel “Neck Beard” Monge: Nathaniel decided to withdraw after deciding he didn’t like Death Watch enough to paint them.

Ian Gunther: Ian is still participating, but decided to have his troops painted by a professional. So he won’t be submitting for #3. We’ll still allow him to present his troops along with the rest of his army at the end of the competition.

Sam “THE STACHE” Keller: Sam will present his troops at a later date, but has been busy dealing with a move from the South East all the way to Anchorage, Alaska for work. We’re looking forward to seeing them on display soon!

We’ll release the results soon! Challenge FOUR will be dedicated transports and/or flyers!

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