Challenge 1 was our chance to dip our toes into the waters and show each other our stuff! We had some great entries and Challenge 2: Lieutenants, will be going up very soon! Before you scroll down to see who won the points. We want to use this opportunity to introduce two more competitors! Now, they won’t be eligible for any of the points offered with Challenge 1, but they have plenty of opportunity to get on the board as Paint & Purge pushes onward.

Challenger: Gary “PERILS” Kuhls




Doom & destruction…an isolated tropical volcanic planet falls prey to the expanding calamity of chaos. An unlucky company of space marines engages in a futile battle with a host of Thousand Sons emerging from the warp to further breach reality. Hopelessly outmanned & outgunned, the space marines flee for safety into the crowded jungles surrounding the erupting mountains. Ash descends all around them, a river of lava cuts a swath through the primeval forest, & wildfires expand in a colossal inferno, UNTIL…screams…from behind them! The sorcerers let out deafening howls of incalculable pain…heads explode…& the eruptions, perfectly sequenced before, suddenly lose their energy. Confused, but still undeterred in their desire for escape, the space marines delve deeper into the heart of darkness. And then they see them: monsters out of some nightmare…but not their nightmare, at least, not today. These Tyranids hold their line, firing only at the agonized servants of Tzeentch. The space marines avoid the spores, the spewing acid & the living ammunition of their unexpected allies…as a shadow in the warp descends on the battlefield…

Hi everyone, I know I’m late to the party & out of the warlord competition, but I figured I’d still try to contribute to building & painting. I chose Tyranids, because firstly, their awesome, & secondly, my old roommate left me some models in my house before he left town. I’ve kept them safe & now, with his blessing, I’m taking them on as my own. My first decision was to pick a Hive Fleet & Kronos immediately spoke to me. My original army (Grey Knights) is very focused on melee, so I wanted to be shooty this time; however, I just can’t leave the psyker realm (it’s too much fun). Hive Fleet Kronos allows me to have a shooting boost that’s consistent with their backstory (denying Chaos the opportunity for blood), as well as being the foremost fleet for propagating the Shadow in the Warp. As a fitting warlord for my merry little band of Chaos-hating monsters, I chose a Neurothrope, as what could be more satisfying than turning smite-slaying into happy healing? As a leader that can improve the casting ability of themselves & nearby Zoanthropes, with a hearty warp field for defense, I hope my nefarious Neurothrope will lead Hive Fleet Kronos to cool places in the near future. My color scheme is typical Kronos on the carapace; however, I liked giving him a dark purple exoskeleton underneath. Since they’re on a tropical volcanic planet, with debris swirling everywhere, I littered the model & base with ash.          

Challenger: Clinton Chandler




Behold Trajaan Valoris, Caption General of the Adeptus Custodes.  Trajaan is the warlord I use for my Custodes army.  His storyline relates to his name sake.  Trajaan greatly increased the Custodes role in defense of holy Terra.  This led to the Custodes to change their strategies from simply waiting for threats to come to Terra to preemptively sending out Custodes to take out threats even before they become a major threat.   At the same time Custodes were going to war, 300 Custodes named the Companions stayed back to guard the Emperor and the palace.  At the same time increasing the number of Blood Games that tested the defenses of the palace.  Captain General Trajaan greatly increased the activities of the Custodes far beyond and Captain General before him.

I have been playing Warhammer 40K since 3rd edition. I always had a desire for the Adeptus Custodes to be a playable army.  It is funny because they relate to my love for ancient history.   Specifically Greco-Roman history.  I have a huge fascination with the great Greek City State of Sparta.  When I read the Custodes story I noticed a few things.  There are 300 Custodes that protect the Emperor as his bodyguard known as the Companions.   300 is the number of bodyguards for King Leonidas of Sparta during the battle of Thermopylae.  There are 10,000 Adeptus Custodes in the entire adept.   The Spartan warrior  population is also 10,000.  I realized the Custodes was the army for me.

We wish our new comers good luck as they paint along with the rest of us!

Now on to the results for the WARLORD entries!

In third place: Nathaniel’s WATCH MASTER PERATOS with 8 points earned in voting!

Nathaniel Death Watch 3

In second place: Bill’s Patriarch VI’YAITE the INSATIABLE earning 11 points in voting!
Bill GSC 5

In FIRST PLACE: Preston’s TYPHUS! Earning 18 points in voting!

Preston Deathguard 1

With round one out of the way, that marks the start of our leader board! P-FUNK has taken an early lead with 3 Victory Points, Bill with 2 VPs, and Nathaniel getting on the board with 1 VP.

We’ll be publishing everybody’s entries for “Challenge Two: Lieutenants” very soon! Get ready to see the trusted officers and leaders who execute the will of their warlords!


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