That’s right, folks! We’re celebrating EoS Gaming’s first full year by unveiling a new addition to what we do! We call it PAINT & PURGE! It’s our new annual army building competition! The goal is to build up an entire army one (to three) unit at a time throughout all of 2019. This year we decided to keep it simple for a theme. The only requirement is for the army to be a battleforged 40k army.

Here is how the competition will work. Each month our players will be given a specific type of unit to fill their roster. Save for their warlord, they will have the option to build and paint one to three units for the given type. They will have the entire month to do so and each submission must be turned in by the 1st of the next month. Once a sufficient army has been built, we move on to PHASE TWO, which will be our own version of GW’s ARMIES ON PARADE (more details to come on that as we get close to finishing up our armies.

Scoring goes like this: Each month the players will vote on their top three entries (excluding their own). Their top vote earns three points, the second will receive two, and their third choice gains a single point. Whichever player receives the most votes wins that month and earns THREE “victory points”. Second place gains TWO VPs, and third will earn, you guessed it, ONE VP. The player with the most victory points will win PHASE ONE of our competition.

There will be NO tying month to month. Upon the instance of a tie, players will cast another vote on their favorite entry (excluding the two players who have tied).

To ring in our inaugural challenge, We’ll offer you seven challengers! Month 1 (starting back in February) will be posted tomorrow! Revealing our competitors and their army choices. Our first unit will be the WARLORD! That’s right! We’re starting at the head of the beast!

Stay tuned!

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